"The Mystery of the Gospel"

There are many mysteries in life--things we will not understand this side of heaven. How has God always existed? His Eternity is beyond our comprehension. How did He speak all we see into existence? His power is awe-inspiring. But perhaps the biggest mystery is this: why did He create us and why would He care so much about us? We are created in His image but we are so different. Where He is power, we are weakness. Where He is Holy, we are sinful. He is immortal, we are mortal. In spite of our failures and rebellion, He loves us so much He was willing to die for us. Of all the mysteries in life, this is the biggest to me. When I think about it, it leads me to praise Him, thank Him, and to try and live a life that pleases Him. I know I fall well short of being worthy of the gospel. But He still loves me. That is a wonderful and humbling mystery.