Waiting on the Lord

Waiting is not a favorite past-time of modern life. We wait at the doctor's office, at the drivers' license office, at the grocery store, at a restaurant. People have made their fortunes by inventing gadgetss that keep us from having to wait. Microwave ovens and faster computers are great examples. There was a time when you ordered something through a mail-order catalog and waited weeks for it to arrive. And forget about being able to track the package through the system, you never knew when it would arrive. The dark ages! We hate to wait. But, God calls us to wait. There will be a day, when He sets the world right again. But we have to wait. People get tired and fall away; He knows that. But, he says those that wait on Him will not get tired. He will renew their strength so much they will soar like eagles! But we have to rely on him, trust him, and draw from His strength.