Exodus 25:23-30
The Table of the Lord
When God gave Moses detailed instructions on building and furnishing the tabernacle, he included a table. On the table, God instructed Moses to place 12 loaves of bread, in two stacks. by each stack was a bowl of frankincense. The bread was called "showbread" or the "Bread of the Presence." It signified God's presence and provision. It was to be on the table continuously. Even when it was replaced on every Sabbath, it was done simultaneously with the removal of the old. The old bread was to be eaten by the priests, in the Holy Place.
The symbolism around the table and the bread is continued in the Passover feast and in the breaking and sharing of bread by Jesus the night before he was crucified. Today, we still participate in this ritual and will spend some time Sunday reflecting on it's origins and significance in our lives.