The Cross

Before we can celebrate the triumph of the empty tomb, we have to face the reality of the cross. It's an ugly and shocking reality. It's as far away from justice as you can get. Jesus was the LAST person who would deserve such treatment. But, he voluntarily accepted death on the cross so you and I would not have to die in our sins. There is so much that Jesus did by sacrificing himself. He paid the price for our sins. He removed our debt. Although these are enormous gifts he gave us, I can somewhat understand them. What I have a great amount of difficulty wrapping my mind around is the statement 2 Corinthians 5:21 that says "Jesus became sin for us." God, who cannot even be around sin or evil BECAME sin for us! Jesus didn't just pay for my sins, he became my sins! If that doesn't make you want to live right, go back and read it again. I don't want to keep doing the things that put Jesus on the cross-- the things he had to become and endure because of my selfishness and rebellion. God paid such an awful price for you and me. So, before we celebrate the empty tomb, let's go back and take a long hard look at what God did on the cross.