Submission, Suffering, and Grief

Peter talks a lot about submission in his letter. We are to submit to human leaders, even the difficult ones. We are to be submissive to our employers, even the ones we don’t like. Wives are called to be submissive to husbands, even the ones who aren’t believers. And if anyone was left out, Peter says we should carry that submissive attitude over to everyone and live in harmony together. We should be sympathetic to each other, even when someone does something evil to us. We may feel entitled to revenge, but we should be submissive and not repay evil with evil. It’s not the way we are wired. But, if we submit as Jesus did (and as he calls us to) we can do what is right. It may cause us to suffer, but it’s better to suffer for doing good than to suffer for doing evil. Jesus knows about suffering. When we suffer for doing good, it is our opportunity to share in the suffering of Jesus.