The Parable of the Wicked Tenants
Jesus told another parable about a vineyard owner. This owner built a fine vineyard with everything needed. He leased it out to tenants and moved away. At the end of the season, when the rent was due, he sent servants to collect it. The tenants didn’t pay the rent. Instead, they beat one of the servants, stoned another, and killed one! So, the vineyard owner sent another, larger group of servants. They received the same treatment as the first group. Finally, the owner says, “I’ll send my son; they’ll respect him.” But, the tenants killed him, too, hoping to steal the vineyard.
Jesus tells this parable to the religious leaders of the day. They have no idea they are the wicked tenants in the story. The sad news is, we are (or were), too. But, thankfully, it's not the end of the story!